The TEMAS project, experimental TEchniques MAterials and Structures, developed an online multimedia support in order to solve these issues for bachelor and master’s courses. The goal is to allow students to experience and see – not only to read about – materials and structures in order to generate an experience that can pinpoint the acquisition of particular and applicative concepts.

    Available courses


    Category: TEMAS
    Calcestruzzo (fresco, test meccanici, test speciali), Acciaio, Legno, Materie plastiche e Rocce.


    Category: TEMAS
     Calcestruzzo armato (travi, lastre e telai), acciaio (travi, lastre e telai), legno (travi, lastre e telai).

    Meccanica dei materiali

    Category: TEMAS
    Tensione e deformazione, leggi costitutive, carichi assiali, momento, taglio e torsione.

    Casi speciali

    Category: TEMAS
    Strutture speciali, casi sperimentali.


    Category: TEMAS
    Concrete (fresh mix, mechanical tests, special tests), steel, wood, plastic, rock.


    Category: TEMAS
    Special structures, experimental case